Next week: 11.06.18 – 15.06.18

Due to Camp Hill not having any facilities for drop off and pick up, we will walk from Woodthorpe together. We will leave Woodthorpe at 8.55am and be back for pick up at Woodthorpe for 3.15.

When we are at Camp Hill, we will be situated in the Kings Edwards teaching school block which is a shared building that both schools use.

Please can I ask all children to not bring their PE kit into school next week but instead wear PE shoes to school every day. Children will also need to bring a small water bottle and their packed lunch, unless they have free school meals.

Tooth experiment

We put a milk tooth in a glass of coco-cola and left it for 7 days.

Most of the class predicted that the tooth would turn black and rot.

Today we took the cling film off the glass and found that our predictions were correct!